Murdicks Fudge Frankenmuth

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Murdick’s Fudge Varieties

Below find a detailed description of the delicious fudge flavors that we offer.

Chocolate Supreme: our richest fudge, and our new #1 seller! 50% more chocolate, extra heavy cream, and more butter, just  for good measure! 

Classic Chocolate: (our best-seller forever) made with pure Belgian chocolate, heavy cream, pure vanilla

Chocolate Walnut: same as above, with English walnuts

Chocolate Black Walnut: Classic chocolate fudge with fresh, earthy black walnuts.

Sea Salt Caramel: Our Classic Chocolate meets our house made Sea Salt Caramel

Chocolate Peanut Butter: Classic Chocolate melds with creamy peanut butter

Michigan Chocolate Cherry: Traverse City’s tart Montmorency cherries mingle with Classic Chocolate

German Chocolate: Classic Chocolate with fresh pecans and coconut

Peanut Butter: creamy, peanutty goodness with a touch of brown sugar

Pure Michigan Maple: This fudge is flavored using pure maple sugar from the U.P. and extra butter to soften the experience.

Maple Walnut: as above, with English walnuts

Pure Vanilla: Our purest fudge, made with full-fat cream, sugar, butter, pure vanilla extract, and LOVE!

Mint Swirl: a minty fudge swirled with bittersweet chocolate chunks

Raspberry Truffle: Our Classic Chocolate fudge, made richer with more heavy cream and a special raspberry flavor used exclusively by Karen Ann.

Cookies & Cream: Our pure vanilla fudge with crushed Oreos™. Extra butter added for good measure, too!


Sea Salt Caramel Fudge


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